11 Nov 2016 – SydneyLooking forward to attending Henry Schein’s event:


30 Sep 2016 – Attended all day lecture series ‘Periodontal & Implant Tips’ by Dubai London Clinic’s Dr. Geoffrey Sharpe. Hosted by the ACT Dental Group.


Drs. Jarlath Loftus and Geoffrey Sharpe



11-13 Aug 2016 – Brisbane: Attended the 19th World Congress on Dental Traumatology and the 5th Trans-Tasman Endodontic Conference.


10 Jun 2016 – London: Attended Dentistry16: Stars of Dentistry






31 May 2016 – Presented ACT Dental Group dinner lecture, ‘Endo 2020: A Vision of the Future.’polaroid-endo2020

22 Mar 2016 – Attended ACT Dental Group’s dinner lecture ‘Drug-free Management of Dental Phobia and Anxiety,’ presented by Angela Cartland.

18 Feb 2016 – Sydney: Attended ADX16



27-28 Jan 2016 – Melbourne: Attended Primespeak Seminar, advanced communications course tailored to dental management.




16-19 Sep 2015 – Barcelona: Attended the 17th Biennial ESE Congress, themed Endodontics: Where Biology and Technology Merge. A scientific programme hosted by the Spanish Association of Endodontology.



19-20 Jun 2015 – London: Attended Dentistry 15 London at Twickenham Stadium. Events included programs hosted by Dentistry Live London, seminars on minimally invasive dentistry presented by Kings College, London and many more!

dentistry live london 2015

2-4 Jun 2015 – London: Attended the 3 day Modern Endodontics Masterclass; a postgraduate dental course for up-to-date practitioners. Hosted by the Dental Institute of Kings College, London.

kings college london





8-10 Apr 2015 – Jordan: Attended the 18th APEC Congress and 4th Jordanian Endodontic Conference.






25-29 Mar 2015 – Brisbane: Attended the 36th Australian Dental Congress.

APDC 2015





19-21 Sep 2014 – Dublin: Attended IDENTEX: workshops hosted at City West Hotel by the IDA on:
Infection Control – Employment Law
Oral Radiology – Medical Emergencies
Social Media – Law and Tax Issues




11 Sep 2014 –  Hosting a Case Night for our local general dentists!

case night banner







17-19 Jun 2014 – Dubai: Attended –



13-14 June 2014 – London: Attended DentistryLIVE 2014,hosted by FMC Dentistry’s Information Centre; Independent Seminars. This is dentistry’s premier hands-on dental symposium!


5 Apr 2014 – Sydney: Attended Achieving Predictable Outcomes within the Scope of Endodontics, hosted by Dr. James L. Gutmann. The presentation addressed the scope of contemporary endodontic practice, specific issues in diagnosis and treatment planning for tooth retention, the impact of contemporary science and technology on the provision of quality root canal procedures and the importance of both the supporting periodontium and tooth reconstruction in the provision of endodontic care.

j_gutmann                      guttacore

Dr. Gutmann is currently Professor Emeritus in Restorative Sciences at the Baylor College of Dentistry and a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics. He was also Past President of the American Association of Endodontists and the award-winning inventor of one of the obturators we use, Guttacore!

1 Apr 2014 – Sydney: Attended The Dynamic Dental Assistant day course, hosted by Prime Practice: Dental Management Specialists at Novotel Sydney Central. Excited to improve our nursing skills to better tend to our patients!




30 Mar – 3 Apr 2014: Root Canal Awareness week commences! We encourage everyone to promote awareness of root canal therapy and endodontists everywhere in the world.

root canal awareness week logo

22-23 Mar 2014 – Sydney: Attended the Dental Trade Fair on Glebe Island.

19 Mar 2014 – Staff birthday lunch to celebrate Olivia and Sylvia’s birthdays!! All but Dr. Loftus succumbed to the temptation of gelato on this special occasion…so you’re definitely in good hands!

18 Mar 2014 – Attended the ACT Dental Group dinner and lecture on Neuromuscular Dentistry, hosted at the Hague Hotel.

3 Mar 2014 – Sydney: Attended Endo 3D, full day lecture with demo under scope; hosted by Professor Gianluca Gambarini – Head Professor of Endodontics, University of Rome, La Sapienza, Dental School. The lecture addressed contemporary problems of shaping, cleaning and obturation of canals in three dimensions and innovative operative techniques to overcome them.

Endo 3D

gianluca gambarini

Gianluca Gambarini is an international lecturer, researcher, patent owner and practicing endodontist. He is an active member in numerous endodontic associations and is currently Chairman of the Clinical Practice Committee of the European Society of Endodontology.




14-16 Nov 2013 – Las Vegas: Attended –

Las Vegas